Vlog 6 – Thanksgiving 2020!

Oh what fun was had on our 4-day weekend celebrating family! I love this time of year for 3 reasons. 1) Spending time with family 2) The delicious food, although I still don’t understand why we can’t just eat this stuff all year round if we wanted too… 3) Reflecting on what you are thankfulContinue reading “Vlog 6 – Thanksgiving 2020!”

Vlog 5 – Kade Goes To Noguchi Garden

Kade and I have been struggling to find activities to do amidst the pandemic. Some days I feel like I might lose my mind… I am all about schedules and doing the same things over and over (one year I ate the same oatmeal everyday, literally every day) but the fact that I don’t haveContinue reading “Vlog 5 – Kade Goes To Noguchi Garden”

Vlog 3 – Park Adventures!

Happy Friday everyone! I took a few days off from vlogging and blogging last week. I watched the Social Dilemma with my family and got totally freaked out! The movie is really eye-opening, the users are actually their product. I never thought of it this way. And I think everyone is different when it comesContinue reading “Vlog 3 – Park Adventures!”

2nd Vlog – Saturday Tradition

Week 2 of vlogging and I am LOVING it! We have chosen just one day or thing to do a week so it isn’t completely overwhelming. And I don’t feel like the camera is taking over our lives at all. This weeks vlog is on our usual Saturday morning tradition of going on a beachContinue reading “2nd Vlog – Saturday Tradition”

1st Vlog – Beach Day!

Kyle took a 3/4 day this past Wednesday so we decided to take the opportunity to try out our first vlog. It was a fun experience! I posted a week or two ago about trying to decide to vlog or not and we decided to give it a try. I really love being behind theContinue reading “1st Vlog – Beach Day!”