The Seasonal Succulent

Around Halloween last year a friend and former teammate started making succulent arrangements. She first started out by making some on a craft night, I remember her posting them! They were really cute pumpkin arrangements, some small and a big one too. From there she basically just took OFF creating succulent arrangements and before IContinue reading “The Seasonal Succulent”

The Cookie Countess Order

I have severe buyers anxiety… I have had some Lululemon gift cards from Kyle’s parents since my last birthday (December 2019) that I still have not used. I will go on their website and look around and see some things but just move on. And I even went into the store twice and could notContinue reading “The Cookie Countess Order”

Lo Tide

The other day I posted about a necklace I got from a female-owned small business. I am here today to bring you more female-owned awesomeness!! We took this opportunity to take some cute pictures on the beach with our little family to help promote her brand. Did we get some stares? Yes. Do I care?Continue reading “Lo Tide”

Serina Jewelry Custom Necklace

Hi friends! Today I am going to talk about a recent purchase. I have been really into buying from small businesses and especially people that I know. I think it is because I have been baking for some cash and love when people buy my stuff. Just want to support people’s dreams and make themContinue reading “Serina Jewelry Custom Necklace”