Easy Cake Decorations!

Yesterday was Kyle’s 32nd birthday!!! His first birthday being a dad! It was a gloriously long weekend (he took Monday off to celebrate) full of good company and lots of food. On Friday we had my side of the family celebrate at our house with homemade tacos and butter cake. He opened gifts, had someContinue reading “Easy Cake Decorations!”

Dating + Proposal Anniversary

I know you are thinking, didn’t they just have an anniversary? Yes, that was our wedding and this is the mother load, dating AND proposal. Kyle is not a very good planner. He doesn’t plan elaborate dates or look up food spots for our vacations, that’s me. It isn’t a bad thing, because I loveContinue reading “Dating + Proposal Anniversary”

How Kyle & I Met!

In honor of five years together today I come to you with the long tale of how we met and eventually fell in love. Ohhhh yeah!!! This is a fun one to write! Who doesn’t love reminiscing on how they met the love of their life? So this tale starts back in the year 2008.Continue reading “How Kyle & I Met!”

Wedding Album – Artifact Uprising

If you put anything on your registry have it be a wedding album! I believe a lot of companies offer this service but when we registered on Zola, Artifact Uprising was the option that was available. I think this day in age having an actual physical copy of pictures is not common. Everything is electronic.Continue reading “Wedding Album – Artifact Uprising”

Our Wedding

Oh September 28th 2018, the day Kyle and I got married! What a glorious day! I wanted to do a post on some of the details of our day. We had so much support throughout the planning and execution of our big day, we are so thankful for everything! 10/10 would get married again. FlowersContinue reading “Our Wedding”

A Letter To My Love – 2nd Anniversary

Kyle, We have been married now for TWO years! Number one, where does the time go? Number two, I still love you just as much as the day I realized I loved you (which was about our third date). I am sitting here on our bed with our 10-month old snuggled up beside me. ItContinue reading “A Letter To My Love – 2nd Anniversary”