BSN Grad Photo Shoot!

As you know I have been trying to get as many opportunities to shoot as possible before Kyle, Kade and I relocate. I have been posting randomly on Instagram to see if anyone is interested and got an inquiry!! Kala was just finishing up her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and was going to justContinue reading “BSN Grad Photo Shoot!”

Fun Beach Day

After my really hard day with anxiety over COVID I made it a point to have a good day. I decided to take Kade down to the beach! I haven’t been down there a lot in the past 3 weeks because it has been cold but I said fuck it, no one will be there,Continue reading “Fun Beach Day”

1st Vlog – Beach Day!

Kyle took a 3/4 day this past Wednesday so we decided to take the opportunity to try out our first vlog. It was a fun experience! I posted a week or two ago about trying to decide to vlog or not and we decided to give it a try. I really love being behind theContinue reading “1st Vlog – Beach Day!”