Kade’s 1st Halloween!

This was my first Halloween with a kid! Every holiday now with Kade is exponentially better than I ever imagined. It is crazy how you kind of just glaze over things after having done them for yourself the past 30+ years. But now with Kade every tradition and small thing has come back to life.Continue reading “Kade’s 1st Halloween!”

Frankenstein Rice Krispies

These were SO fun to make! I am very pleased with how they came out and highly encourage anyone to try these out! Even if you think you don’t have what it takes, you do, these guys are super easy! Ingredients: Rice Krispie treats (Rice Krispies, butter, marshmallows) Googley eye candies Chocolate Candy Corn IContinue reading “Frankenstein Rice Krispies”

Getting Booed & Booing!

I had heard of this fun exchange before but had never been booed. But this year our friends (one of which was 9+ months pregnant) booed us with a cute little pumpkin bucket filled with goodies and a 6-pack of beer. They put the goods on the front door, rang the door bell and fled!Continue reading “Getting Booed & Booing!”

Boneyard Cupcakes

I have been enjoying finding new ways to decorate cupcakes, which is strange for me. I usually would rather just focus on substance but I am having success with decorating which I hadn’t in the past, which made it really frustrating. I honestly think it comes down to having the right tools. I used toContinue reading “Boneyard Cupcakes”

Halloween Cupcakes

Spooky season is upon us and I feel like since we are all stuck inside the festivities are starting earlier than ever. Which I am totally okay with! My family has always been into Halloween. My Nana’s birthday is the day before so it was always a celebration of family being together and getting intoContinue reading “Halloween Cupcakes”