Kade Turns ONE!

This past weekend we celebrated Kade turning one! We had a small gathering at the park Kade loves with both of our immediate families. It was AWESOME! My parents bought everyone In-N-Out and I made a lemon cake and cupcakes. We spent about an hour enjoying each other’s company and seeing Kade have the bestContinue reading “Kade Turns ONE!”

Fun Beach Day

After my really hard day with anxiety over COVID I made it a point to have a good day. I decided to take Kade down to the beach! I haven’t been down there a lot in the past 3 weeks because it has been cold but I said fuck it, no one will be there,Continue reading “Fun Beach Day”

Teething Baby Kade

Oh the joys of parenthood. I have to say Kade has been a pretty good baby… Outside of the normal stuff like not sleeping through the night and hating getting wiped down, Kade really has been so much fun! You sometimes hear of babies who have colic or need to be driven around to fallContinue reading “Teething Baby Kade”

Vlog 5 – Kade Goes To Noguchi Garden

Kade and I have been struggling to find activities to do amidst the pandemic. Some days I feel like I might lose my mind… I am all about schedules and doing the same things over and over (one year I ate the same oatmeal everyday, literally every day) but the fact that I don’t haveContinue reading “Vlog 5 – Kade Goes To Noguchi Garden”

Vlog 3 – Park Adventures!

Happy Friday everyone! I took a few days off from vlogging and blogging last week. I watched the Social Dilemma with my family and got totally freaked out! The movie is really eye-opening, the users are actually their product. I never thought of it this way. And I think everyone is different when it comesContinue reading “Vlog 3 – Park Adventures!”

2nd Vlog – Saturday Tradition

Week 2 of vlogging and I am LOVING it! We have chosen just one day or thing to do a week so it isn’t completely overwhelming. And I don’t feel like the camera is taking over our lives at all. This weeks vlog is on our usual Saturday morning tradition of going on a beachContinue reading “2nd Vlog – Saturday Tradition”

To Start or Not to Start Vlogging?

Kyle and I have been debating on if we want to start a YouTube channel and start vlogging about our lives together. The debate… Pros: Will be a way to stimulate my brain and push me in a new way Will be fun to look back in years to come at this time in ourContinue reading “To Start or Not to Start Vlogging?”

Living in my Childhood Room

I saw someone’s Instagram story the other day about stats on adult children living in their parent’s homes. So I took a further look and in the article posted by CNN it states that, “A new report by the Pew Research Center found that a majority of young adults — 52% — lived with one or bothContinue reading “Living in my Childhood Room”