Gender Reveal Cake

BABIESSSSSS!!!!!! Babies everywhere! I am sure it is because of my age but there are babies everywhere, on my social feeds, on the tv, out on the streets, preggo ladies here and there and everywhere. I was recently asked to make a gender reveal cake for a friend and I was honored to make thisContinue reading “Gender Reveal Cake”

Holiday Lights Cupcakes

Today I bring you these holiday light cupcakes! Another really cute but easy way to make your holiday treats that much more festive. I forgot to take step-by-step pictures but there is a short video from tiktok, yes I made one and only posted twice hahaha First, I started with making Liv For Cake’s ClassicContinue reading “Holiday Lights Cupcakes”

Reindeer Cupcakes

HAPPY HOLIDAYYYYYSSS EVERYONE!!! I am just a little bit excited about the holiday season… I have always been and probably always will be. You can find me on November 1st checking to see if 103.5 has started their holiday radio yet. Here we are today bringing you some fun holiday cheer with these really cuteContinue reading “Reindeer Cupcakes”

Pecan Pie Shortbread Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are AMAZING! I don’t love pecan pie because I am not a huge fan of the 1-inch thick layer of goopy sugar but I do love the candied pecans on the top and the flaky crust on the bottom. So I went to work trying to figure out how I could haveContinue reading “Pecan Pie Shortbread Cookie Bars”

My Sugar Cookie Journey (So Far)

Sugar cookies and I have a love-hate relationship. So, like I have said before I am more focused on how things taste rather than making them look perfect. But I have been TRYING to work on decorations. It is SO hard not to compare yourself to others when scrolling through Instagram. For one, I haveContinue reading “My Sugar Cookie Journey (So Far)”

Andes Chocolate Cookies

So I had the idea for these cookies when I impulse bought a box of Andes mints in the holiday section of Target, damn you Target… I spent way more than I thought on holiday sweets and here I am trying to figure out what to do with them. I had the vision of aContinue reading “Andes Chocolate Cookies”

25 Holiday Cookies

Two years ago when I embarked on the whole Tasman’s Treats fiasco I opened with 25 days of holiday cookies. For one, I thought it would force me to be accountable to post and get new content out there. And, I also thought I would be able to make some extra cash from orders ofContinue reading “25 Holiday Cookies”

Award-Winning Peanut Butter Delights

This recipe was made by accident. So here is the story… My ma and I needed to make cookies for some work event she had so we landed on peanut butter drop cookies with the kiss on top. We started by following the directions on the back of the Hershey’s Kiss bag… but didn’t actuallyContinue reading “Award-Winning Peanut Butter Delights”

Frankenstein Rice Krispies

These were SO fun to make! I am very pleased with how they came out and highly encourage anyone to try these out! Even if you think you don’t have what it takes, you do, these guys are super easy! Ingredients: Rice Krispie treats (Rice Krispies, butter, marshmallows) Googley eye candies Chocolate Candy Corn IContinue reading “Frankenstein Rice Krispies”

Proud Of Myself – Fruit Tart

There are not a whole lot of instances where I say out loud that I am proud of my baking. I am ultra-hard on myself and am always comparing myself to pictures on Instagram. I know my stuff tastes good, I have that down for the most part. But I struggle with making it lookContinue reading “Proud Of Myself – Fruit Tart”