Kade’s First Year Wellness Visit

Today was Kade’s first year wellness visit with the pediatrician. The past few visits have been uneventful and all of the nurses and doctors just love Kade. Today was a different story…. As you can tell from the picture I couldn’t even get him dressed before leaving. It all started in the elevator. When IContinue reading “Kade’s First Year Wellness Visit”

Kade Turns ONE!

This past weekend we celebrated Kade turning one! We had a small gathering at the park Kade loves with both of our immediate families. It was AWESOME! My parents bought everyone In-N-Out and I made a lemon cake and cupcakes. We spent about an hour enjoying each other’s company and seeing Kade have the bestContinue reading “Kade Turns ONE!”

Teething Baby Kade

Oh the joys of parenthood. I have to say Kade has been a pretty good baby… Outside of the normal stuff like not sleeping through the night and hating getting wiped down, Kade really has been so much fun! You sometimes hear of babies who have colic or need to be driven around to fallContinue reading “Teething Baby Kade”

MiniMeis – Shoulder Carrier Review

Kade is getting bigger and the Baby Bjorn front pack is just not working for us anymore. We go on a lot of walks and don’t want to have to lug the stroller around all the time so I went in search of a new carrier that would grow with him. Insert – MiniMeis. IContinue reading “MiniMeis – Shoulder Carrier Review”

Useful Things To Add To Your Baby Registry

I am a new mom and feel like I have a whole new outlook on the prenatal, birth & postnatal journey, now that I am on the other side. There are a few things I would have done differently. When people say sleep now because you won’t be able to later, seriously… sleep, relax onContinue reading “Useful Things To Add To Your Baby Registry”