Mommy + Baby Session

I had the pleasure of practicing a session with a dear friend and her adorable little girl. We had so much fun catching up and chatting about motherhood, she is the best. I was kind of anxious about the timing of this session. With the little babies you always have to be flexible with napContinue reading “Mommy + Baby Session”

The Seasonal Succulent

Around Halloween last year a friend and former teammate started making succulent arrangements. She first started out by making some on a craft night, I remember her posting them! They were really cute pumpkin arrangements, some small and a big one too. From there she basically just took OFF creating succulent arrangements and before IContinue reading “The Seasonal Succulent”

BSN Grad Photo Shoot!

As you know I have been trying to get as many opportunities to shoot as possible before Kyle, Kade and I relocate. I have been posting randomly on Instagram to see if anyone is interested and got an inquiry!! Kala was just finishing up her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and was going to justContinue reading “BSN Grad Photo Shoot!”

Price Family

I have been doing free sessions recently to get as much experience under my belt as I can before we relocate. It has been a lot of fun to meet some of Kyle’s friends, reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time and learn new things. I have been trying to put myselfContinue reading “Price Family”

February Reads 2021

The Rent Collector by Cameron Wright A story of a family living in a municipal dump in Cambodia. Written from the perspective of the mother, she documents her lessons from their “rent collector” who has agreed to teach her to read and write. The “rent collector” is an irritated drunk who’s real life story (andContinue reading “February Reads 2021”

Passion Project #2: Alyssa McCarron

I take a drive down PCH to the quaint beach town of Corona Del Mar where, nestled amongst the little streets, resides a beautiful floral shop. I walk through the door to be met with a wall of fresh, earthy scents and busy women talking to customers and arranging flowers. I am immediately captivated byContinue reading “Passion Project #2: Alyssa McCarron”

Passion Project #1: Aaron Martinez

I have been having a great time blogging about motherhood, DIY, baking and more but I am kind of getting burnt out. There is only so much I do as a mom that can be written and read about haha So I decided to take a bit of a break and refocus my creative energyContinue reading “Passion Project #1: Aaron Martinez”

Baby Name Wreath

I have been loving making things with my Cricut, it really elevates home-made crafts! We have a family friend who is expecting a little girl in a few weeks and I have been struggling on what to get them. I tried to remember when we had our shower and what we used the most orContinue reading “Baby Name Wreath”

January Reads 2021

Oh man!!! I LOVE reading. I remember back in school I would always get so excited for school breaks because I could actually read a book that I WANTED to read. I had a similar experience recently, when Kade started to sleep through the night. To say that it has been life-changing would be anContinue reading “January Reads 2021”

Gender Reveal Cake

BABIESSSSSS!!!!!! Babies everywhere! I am sure it is because of my age but there are babies everywhere, on my social feeds, on the tv, out on the streets, preggo ladies here and there and everywhere. I was recently asked to make a gender reveal cake for a friend and I was honored to make thisContinue reading “Gender Reveal Cake”