Hi, my name is Tasman! I grew up in southern California and recently relocated with my husband and son to Connecticut. We enjoy being outside, cooking and spending time together as a family.

I grew up in Southern California playing in the waves, riding bikes everywhere and reading. My dad was an avid picture-taker so all throughout my childhood we had cameras and photographs everywhere. In high school I finally got to take a film photography class and LOVED it.

Upon graduation I was able to buy a used Canon EOS 20D from my dad’s friend which I took literally everywhere. The beach, camping, swim meets, parties, on tour with the Foo Fighters… I used that camera so hard, it got dusty, banged up, sandy and eventually puttered out. I loved documenting my life through pictures and plastered my bedroom walls from ceiling to bed with the prints.

After coaching collegiate swimming, recruiting and being a personal trainer I can truly say that pursuing photography has been the best opportunity yet. I find calmness, happiness and purpose through the lens and can’t wait to see whaat this journey holds for me.

I hope to be able to bring professional caliber photos into everyones lives. I want to make these special moments tangible and accessible for anyone and any occasion.

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