Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This past Friday I had an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the new studio! I didn’t really think this was a thing for smaller businesses but my town representative, Tammy Nuccio, reached out to me and offered to set the whole thing up. Upon meeting and talking with her she is an avid supporter of women-owned businesses. I am so happy to have made this connection and can’t wait to see what the future holds with her as part of my support system.

My dad was visiting from California and was able to help us get ready and hang with little dude Kade throughout the event. It was an absolutely freezing morning here in Connecticut. We picked up donuts, coffee and cupcakes for guests and headed to the studio to set everything up.

The scissors were actually really big and really were like REAL scissors. I snipped the ribbon under my new sign at 30 weeks pregnant, next to my husband and son. I was presented with a huge certificate, more specifically an official citation from the State Capitol welcoming my business to the state and community. Don’t know where you put this huge thing but it feels so official and I love it! It was a great experience and I am very grateful this is part of my story!

I have so many ideas for the next few months and am excited to continue to meet my community!


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