New Studio Transformation

SO EXCITED!!! I am so excited. Back in California I could never have dreamt of having a space of my own and especially one that has so much character and charm. I signed the lease in December and my husband (and most supportive person in my life) has been working tirelessly to get it finished for me. We first went in and gave it a good cleaning to see what we were really working with and it was rough. Being a new business I didn’t have a ton of money to dump into the space but I knew if I did it right it would pay off.

We decided the floors just needed to be done. I didn’t want to be afraid of not shooting the ground and with it being so tiny there already isn’t a whole lot to work with. So he started by sanding the floor with a huge drum sander we rented from Home Depot. Then he refinished them with polyurethane.

Next he got to painting the walls, which took a lot longer than we thought. There were a ton of weird small spaces that didn’t work with the roller and the blue wall needed like 3 coats. The paint made this space a whole new vision, it brightened it up SO much, the light just bounces off the walls and it is magic.

Finally I was able to come in and help with the finishing touches. We brought Kade along and he was such a good little dude for us while we hung curtains, shelves and the backdrop.

I am so stoked on how it came out. Kyle is not convinced that it is as good as I say but that is his own deal. I am so thankful for him doing all of the hard work for me so I can be creative in this space. It is so bright and cozy (when the heat is on, thanks to the New England winter).

Come hang!! Schedule an upcoming open studio session!

xoxo Tasman

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