Amazon Haul April 2021

I am not a buyer. I think I have written about this before but I am really particular about what I spend money on. I used to buy clothes a lot, back when I was single and was out on the town. Now I buy snacks and coffee in abundance, priorities change I suppose. I am also not a fan of Amazon so much but kinda but I have mixed feelings, you get it right?

So recently I have been seeing people post Amazon hauls that show life-changing items. They suck you in and then the next thing you know it has been 45 minutes and you now need cabinet organizers even though you still live with your parents… But!!! I did buy a few things off Amazon the other day and I wanted to write about them because I am truly happy with everything I got.

First up, this water tracking water bottle. Kyle and I started back on eating cleaner. Which basically means I just don’t bake bread and brownies every night, a travesty I know. But one part of it all was drinking more water. Before having Kade I used my Hydroflask SO much. Kyle and I bought them about 5 years ago in Santa Cruz and they have been by our sides ever since. After having Kade I stopped drinking water, I don’t know if it is a lack of self-care but I cannot bring myself to stay on track for the life of me. I can’t figure out if it is because I have to pee so much when I drink water and what parent has time to pee every 30 minutes? Or is it because I am constantly moving so I just don’t keep it with me?

I have no idea but I decided to switch it up and buy this plastic water tracking bottle. It has been working REALLY well for me. I like the time markers that help remind me to just chug if I am behind or if I can leave it be for a bit while playing with Kade. The spill proof lid really works. There is a cool little shelf thing inside that you can put lemon in and it helps prevent ice from smashing into the mouthpiece. There is a super awesome strap/handle so it is easy for me to string on my arm when walking up stairs with Kade in my hands. As you can tell, I love it so far.

It does sweat. It does not fit in my car cup holder but I don’t drive enough for that to be a big deal for me. And it is scuffed already because Kade threw it on the concrete. But these things are to be expected.

Second, a Joovy helmet. We got the bikes all ready for action last weekend and we had some hand-me-down helmets from a neighbor that we were using. I didn’t feel really bad about it but I knew they didn’t fit him perfectly so I decided to order one based on the measurement of his head. They came in 6 bright bold colors and it has been working great for us. Only thing I wish was the visor to be bigger to provide more sun protection.

Third, a set of two mini insulated cups with straws. We have been making smoothies and these seemed to be the perfect solution to me having to help him through the whole snack. Kade can hold these with two hands, the straws are soft so I don’t have to worry about them stabbing his mouth or throat and the lid is *mostly* spill proof. Only con is that he can take the straw out but I like the ease of washing versus having a million awkward pieces to clean.

Lastly, a dress for me! I do not really buy a lot of clothes any more… I am very much in a yoga pant, t-shirt, puffy jacket kind of season of life right now. I used to love getting dressed up before getting pregnant but ever since I have been either lazy or a realistic mom, or both. I hope to push myself to get back into some clothes that make me feel more feminine so this purchase was a start to that. I saw another insta-mom do a dress haul try and on this was one of the ones I was sold on. It is a real wrap dress with an internal and external tie. I love the color! And I think the length will allow me to bend down with Kade and get in/out of the car with ease, we shall see…

First Amazon Haul for Tasman… I am going to order a few items for activities for Kade so I will try to continue the reports!

Love, Tasman

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