Mommy + Baby Session

I had the pleasure of practicing a session with a dear friend and her adorable little girl. We had so much fun catching up and chatting about motherhood, she is the best.

I was kind of anxious about the timing of this session. With the little babies you always have to be flexible with nap times and bedtimes so we decided to go with a 10am shoot. That morning it was overcast so I was stoked on not having to deal with the harsh sunlight of mid-morning approaching noon. I liked how the overcast gave this shoot a bit of a softer look. You never know what you will be working with so trying out new lighting situations is always helpful!

Some things about this session…

  1. Immerse yourself in your locations BEFORE HAND. I had scouted this field the week before the session and it was the perfect location for what she was looking for, dreamy grass fields. What I did not do was actually step into the field to see what the grass felt like… It was scratchy, uncomfortable and we left with burs stuck all over us. Note to self: get down and dirty before making your potential clients sit down in a field of prickle grass. I mean it wasn’t that bad but they were good sports and we just kept saying, “anything for the gram”.
  2. Use a lens cap string always… I have a string for my 24-50mm lens because I had lost it about 4 times before. And I ask myself why don’t I have one for my new 50mm? Because poof 3 minutes into the session it was gone. Not a huge deal because they are fairly cheap but having the lens unprotected is annoying and makes me anxious. So looks like I will be ordering a new lens cap and another cap string. oops.

I loved editing these photos too. The muted greens really made these feel creamy and soft. The yellow flower fields that are going off right now help add some depth and color that we rarely get here in Southern California.



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