The Seasonal Succulent

Around Halloween last year a friend and former teammate started making succulent arrangements. She first started out by making some on a craft night, I remember her posting them! They were really cute pumpkin arrangements, some small and a big one too. From there she basically just took OFF creating succulent arrangements and before I knew it she had started an Instagram for them, The Seasonal Succulent, which is perfectly fitting!

Since Halloween, I have seen her make everything from succulent ornaments for Christmas, succulent mugs for Hanukkah, succulents in beer glasses for St.Patty’s Day… Anything you want concerning succulents, she has you covered. I really love how she is always posting stories asking what the people want to see next and just creating so many new fun things every time I check in. You can find her on Instagram, her stuff is adorable.

Some things I learned this shoot:

  1. Don’t be afraid to climb up on things, crouch & move around the space. This was mostly taken on her side yard where her work station is and it was a long skinny area. I fell over some potted plants at some point but recovered, thankfully.
  2. Find fun backgrounds. The side heard had some harsh light when the clouds cleared so we ventured into the alley and found some garage doors and gates to take some of these pictures in front of. I love the contrast and soft texture it gives off!

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