BSN Grad Photo Shoot!

As you know I have been trying to get as many opportunities to shoot as possible before Kyle, Kade and I relocate. I have been posting randomly on Instagram to see if anyone is interested and got an inquiry!! Kala was just finishing up her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing and was going to just take some pictures with her other nursing friends on the beach with their phones after dinner. But I came out and took some really fun pictures of them all together to make it an extra special night!

Now I have some experience taking grad pictures. This shoot was SOOOO fun! These ladies brought the energy and it made for a really fun two hours. There were books, sashes, chords, hats, scrubs and best of all champagne!

Some things I learned this shoot:

  1. IMPROVISE & GO WITH THE FLOW! The time change made the sun REAL harsh at 5 pm. We had intended on soft sand pictures but had to improvise and go down to the pier, which ended up being SO much better. I loved the colors, harsh lines from the pillars and shadows. As the session progressed the lighting just got better and better.
  2. Make sure everyone is one the same page when doing champagne shoots. For some of them the stopper was hard to pop, some they popped too early, and some the ladies were trying to deal with the popper and it showed in their faces hahah I ended up getting some really cute ones still but they came prepared with a ton of bottles. Make sure to tell your people to SMILE the WHOLE TIME!!!

Here are all the ladies in their glory! I wish them all a fulfilling career filled with happiness and purpose. The world appreciates all of your hard work, you deserve the best!!

Love, Tasman

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