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I have been doing free sessions recently to get as much experience under my belt as I can before we relocate. It has been a lot of fun to meet some of Kyle’s friends, reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a long time and learn new things. I have been trying to put myself in as many different situations as I can to see what I like the best and what seems to be the best fit for me. I have done gym pictures, flowers, succulents, babies, families… And currently I am working on setting up a home studio so I can learn lighting a bit more.

Some of the things I have learned so far!

  1. SLOW DOWN. I still don’t follow my own advice but every time I go to a shoot my brain is going 200 miles an hour and I just get so overwhelmed. I have all these ideas in my head before going and then when I get there and start interacting I lose it all. And this doesn’t mean I don’t get good shots or like how the session turned out, I just wanted certain shots and didn’t get them because I was overthinking and not just taking a few moments to gather my thoughts and be more intentional with directing.
  2. Direct MORE. I have been studying a lot of photographers on YouTube and watching behind the scenes for their shots. Many of them say all of the “unplanned or unscripted” moments are actually very posed or directed. More importantly that you should give direction and the cues will allow for those more natural movements to pan out. I STRUGGLE with this but know this will take my shots to a whole other level, so I gotta get working on it.

This session was done at Noguchi Gardens by South Coast Plaza. I really liked the variety of areas you could shoot here but there were a few people there already taking pictures. There is the forested area where we spent most of our time since it was soft for little Claire. There is a desert space, rusty tones of stone, white walls and stark lines created by various structures. This is an awesome place to get some varying shots and I would love to do another session here with a couple!

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