February Reads 2021

The Rent Collector by Cameron Wright

A story of a family living in a municipal dump in Cambodia. Written from the perspective of the mother, she documents her lessons from their “rent collector” who has agreed to teach her to read and write. The “rent collector” is an irritated drunk who’s real life story (and reason for living in a dump and being an irritated drunk) come to fruition throughout their time together as student and teacher. The light and positivity that is found throughout the book’s many trials shows that even while living through the Khmer Rouge and enduring unimaginable hardship, there are always things in life worth living for.

I really enjoyed this book once it got going! Would recommend 5/5!

$100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

I made it through about half of this book. It was good in the sense that it kind of got me hyped on starting my own photography business. Chris does get the point across about finding what you love to do and finding what people want from you, trying to distinguish between a hobby (like eating pizza) and a potential profitable business based on something you love to do (like baking gluten free cookies). I stopped reading because I felt like it was really repetitive? There were definitely some things that were useful and it made me believe, through lots of data he presents, that tons of people create a modest and sometimes extravagant income doing what they love to do.

If you are trying to start a side-gig or want to learn about making your passion your job then this is an inspiring read. I just felt like a lot of this information could be found online very specific to your own hobby/interest/passion and be of much more help in the long run. Like I am excited about photography, you don’t need to convince me that making 50k a year taking pictures would be a dream, how the fuck do I actually do it? like permits, starting a business, WHAT COMES FIRST! Uh so… 2.5/5?

The Book Woman Of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson

Such a strange but amazing part of American History here! A young woman living in the hills of Kentucky suffers from methemoglobinemia which causes blue skin, condemning her to a lonely ostracized life. When she gets hired to deliver books throughout her county through the library system she finds meaning and purpose in her day-to-day. The trials of courting for her future life and getting tested for cures brings this story love, science and finding your way in a hard world. 5/5, awesome read!

We Are All The Same In The Dark by Julia Heaberlin

This was a GOOD thriller! A small town cursed with multiple unsolved disappearances, a girl stranded on the roadside and a policewoman trying to piece it all together. This page-turner was full of twists and turns that will keep you reading until 1:00 am, whoops. And then terrified to get up to go pee… With intricate character developments and multiple stories unfolding at the same time this book was a 5/5 for me!

Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

I LOVED this book. I originally wanted to check out her first book, The Tattooist of Auschwitz but it was checked out already so I decided on her second book, Cilka’s Journey. A story of a woman who is seemingly condemned to a life of imprisonment to no fault of her own. From surviving the concentration camps at Birkenau in her own way to being charged as an enemy of the state upon liberation, she is slated with 15 years in a labor camp in Siberia. Cilka’s journey through accepting her past and paving a new life for herself in the mines of Siberia, she finds love and learning where she least expects it. I give this a 5/5, go read it.

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