Gender Reveal Cake

BABIESSSSSS!!!!!! Babies everywhere! I am sure it is because of my age but there are babies everywhere, on my social feeds, on the tv, out on the streets, preggo ladies here and there and everywhere.

I was recently asked to make a gender reveal cake for a friend and I was honored to make this huge cake to celebrate their new addition. Here is the full story, which is full of ups and downs… let me just tell you.

First, finding out! Aaron is a co-worker from the gym I work(ish) at and his wife is Kim. Aaron is a kick ass trainer and Kim is a lovely physical therapist, and they had a little girl when I had just started at the gym. Actually the first get together I went to was their baby shower! It has been super fun to see their little family grow and I can’t wait for their second addition.

Aaron texted me a few days before Thanksgiving and asked if I would be willing to make a cake for their feast. I said probably and asked what he wanted… I have not really been into taking orders because it STRESSES me out and I have little to no time with Kade. But since he is the homie I said yessss…. When he started to facetime me I was a little suspicious because we never FaceTime and how hard is it to just tell me what kind of cake you want? So I answered and it was the whole family! We chatted for a bit and they panned to their little girl who was holding an ultrasound strip. I was like WHATTTT IS THATTTTTTTTT?!?!? And so we found out!

They were both so excited and wanted me to make a cake for around 15 people to break the news. So they sent a few pictures of ideas and I got to work planning (which never helps me with baking). And here starts all of the stress.

I have such high expectations of myself when it comes to baking that it sometimes becomes crippling. I started going into the Pinterest black hole and was like I am going to put a whole bubble gum machine in the middle with blue gumballs and then have a firework explode when it is cut and little blue birds will come flying out… Just kidding but kind of not really… I started to go beyond what my amateur baker status could handle and decided on an ombre cake with white clean frosting and blue and pink decorations on the outside.

Here were the failures… The cakes turned out green instead of blue. To make it hombre you do one cake really pale blue, one darker and one darkest. Well the darkest was a totally different shade of blue and the two lighter ones were green. I was pissed. I spent all night baking those and they were WORTHLESS. Tasted good but were not usable.

So I started again and decided just to do the middle layer blue. I started coloring the batter and I knew it was going to be green and I almost lost it. HOW THE FUCK can I not make a blue cake?!?!! I had to add a shit ton of food coloring and I popped in in the oven because I was OVER it.

The blue ended up coming out well enough. I was envisioning a pale blue but it ended up being more of a bright blue, which is fine! It got the point across!

The frosting was something else. I made like 3 pounds of frosting, no joke. For one, a 9-inch three tiered cake is A LOT of cake and so it needs a lot of frosting. Secondly, I couldn’t be skimpy on the frosting or else you would have been able to see glimpses of the blue… and that would have defeated the purpose of the cake haha

I ended up liking this cake! I wish I could have eaten it. Vanilla cake from Preppy Kitchen, which is my go-to vanilla cake. It tastes like a Sprinkle’s Cupcake, yum. And I just winged the frosting but basically 1 pound of butter to 2 pounds of powdered sugar. I used some tips for making buttercream white from this article here. I used Challenge Butter, which is one of the whiter butters out there, whipped it FOREVER and omitted the vanilla. I would say it was pretty white, compared to my normal buttercream. I would be interested in using the white food coloring but didn’t know it was a thing!

I finished it off with some big dolls of frosting covered in pink and blue sprinkles. And made a cute cake topper with my Cricut!

Congrats to Aaron & Kim!! I am so excited for your growing family! Glad I was able to help out with your reveal and can’t wait to meet your little dude.

Love, Tasman

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