Dermatologist 2.0

I know you all have just been sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for an update about my skin… So here it is.

I had to use topical¬†chemotherapy¬†5-fluorouracil (5-FU) for two weeks, two times a day… Before starting I consulted with my mom (a nurse practitioner) about what might happen and the risk of being around Kade/what I needed to do to keep him safe. Basically it could go two ways, I could have minimal irritation and no side effects OR my face could turn into a “pussing, oozing crustacean”, according to one user. I had to just make sure the cream was dry before doing any skin-to-skin contact with Kade and try to not let him lick my face.

I was very nervous to start but had to get it done. I was mostly nervous about the side effects of nausea and vomiting. If my face did start to look real bad I wasn’t going to work or out to any functions so that wasn’t causing any anxiety.

The first few days there was barely anything and I was relieved. Then around the second week my skin started to get pretty irritated and itchy, mostly on my forehead where the scabbing was before.

The healing was probably the worst part. After I finished the two weeks I started to scab and flake a lot, so cute I know. I just made sure to be really vigilant about putting on lotion and trying not to pick anything off. One area I really didn’t expect to have so much scabbing (which means it is an area of damaged cells) was my chin.

After seeing the dermatologist yesterday she said she was SUPER pleased with the results. She said we would keep an eye on it and if it started to come back we could start another round.

I got three moles biopsied yesterday too and am awaiting the results. One under my left boob and two in the upper middle of my back between my shoulder blades. The procedure was painless and I was done quickly. But later that night I was hurting, it felt like someone hit me in the back with a bat to be honest hahah Also, yesterday I was on day 2 of no shower and for me that is a lot. After she removed them she said no shower or swimming for 24 hours and I was like dear lord I have to go another day without a shower, poor Kyle.

Thanks for tuning in! Love, Tasman

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