Holiday Lights Cupcakes

Today I bring you these holiday light cupcakes! Another really cute but easy way to make your holiday treats that much more festive. I forgot to take step-by-step pictures but there is a short video from tiktok, yes I made one and only posted twice hahaha

First, I started with making Liv For Cake’s Classic Chocolate Cake for the cupcakes. I let them cool overnight because I was just too tired to decorate! I used her basic buttercream recipe as well.

Supplies for the decorating:

  • Ghirardelli’s melting chocolate
  • Regular-sized M&M’s
  • large plastic piping bag for frosting (you can use a freezer bag with the edge cut)
  • small plastic piping bag for melting chocolate (you can use a sandwich baggie with the edge cut)

After the cupcakes were frosted I started with the cord to the lights. The Ghirardelli melting chocolate is really easy to use and sets up quickly so you don’t have to worry about it melting your frosting away. I melted it according to the bag instructions and put it into a small piping bag. I didn’t want to just swirl it so I snaked the line randomly around the mound of frosting.

Next, I worked on adding the “lights”. I added little circles of chocolate to the tops to create the illusion that they had the attachments and I am pleased with how they came out. I made sure to insert the M&M’s sideways into the frosting to make them look less circular and more oval like the classic holiday lights.

I hope this helps describe my process for these cute cupcakes. And happy baking to you all!!

Love, Tasman

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