Shaver Lake, California

Before Kyle and I met I was an adventure lady. I would travel to various spots, visit friends and family and explore alone. I loved being alone and getting to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to. I could take pictures for hours and not feel like anyone was waiting on me. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to, it was glorious. But it was also kind of lonely and scary at times. So when Kyle came into my life I was super stoked to have a travel buddy and share experiences with someone I loved. He has always been 100% on board with anything I want to do and all of our trips have been so incredibly fun! 10/10 would recommend a travel buddy!

While coaching at Whittier College I needed to recruit at various swim meets. Being a division three school you really have to hit the pavement and do the hard work to get people to come to your school. It was the hardest and most exhilarating part of the job, but also one of the parts that made me quit. I digress. I decided to take a recruiting trip out to Clovis, CA where there was a huge summer meet that was going to take place. And I thought that it would be fun to include some fun while I was up there. So I did some research and found Shaver Lake!

Shaver Lake is a man-made lake founded and run by Southern California Edison, the electrical company. It is a part of a larger hydroelectric project that converts water into energy, pretty cool! The lake is surrounded by dense forest which is great for camping, lots of shade and privacy! The main campground and marina is called Camp Edison. It is 250 spots deep and is a very popular spot, most of the summer is usually booked and I was lucky enough to get 2 nights midweek.

We like taking our time while driving so we ended up stopping for breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe, which was surprisingly delicious. And the other stop I wanted to make sure we had time for was a rest stop called Bravo Farms. This was a really fun stop! We spent about an hour here visiting with the animals, checking out all the stores with their hand-crafted goodies and exploring the 7-story treehouse! And there is a CHEESE FACTORY! You can see the process through the store windows and I think they have tours and tastings but we were not ready to commit to so much time. Stop here and check it out, you will not be disappointed!

Who says you can’t go camping in a Mini Cooper? We put the seats in the back down and loaded up everything we needed from our tent, chairs, lawn games, to a stove and more! We have taken my little car on a few camping trips and we love it. I just hope people know that you don’t need some 4-Runner to have a successful adventure.

We love our campfire time. We usually bring a deck of cards from a game to keep us entertained. We plucked up a bunch from Trivial Pursuit and Would You Rather? I feel like this is a fun way to stay around the fire and enjoy deeper conversation as opposed to having to sit at the table and actually play the board games.

And as for camping food! We keep it pretty simple with lunch meats and cheese to make sandwiches for lunch and grilled cheeses for dinner. Canned soups are really easy and warm around the fire. We have done Italian sausages instead of hotdogs to switch things up. Corn on the cob is delicious over the fire and fun to eat! We usually don’t bring s’mores stuff because it is just us two and we only end up eating one each… And of course some beers!

We ended up renting a kayak for an hour and hit the lake! It was crazy because the temperature outside was almost a hundred degrees but the water was a chilly 60 degrees so you wanted to get wet but also not really. I am not sure how warm the water gets but I jumped in fully once and that was enough for me! There were a lot of little alcoves to stop at and dock your kayak, you could easily spend a full day roaming around the lake.

One thing I felt like we missed out on was hiking. It was so hot that we didn’t want to leave the coolness of our shaded campsite to trek up the side of a mountain. So I can’t say how the hiking was but we did see people up on the side of a cliff while kayaking so there are probably some cool routes around the campsite.

We spent most of our time relaxing in the sun by the lake, watching families play on their boats and playing lawn games. This whole trip was a blast and I would totally recommend this spot for camping.

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