My Sugar Cookie Journey (So Far)

Sugar cookies and I have a love-hate relationship. So, like I have said before I am more focused on how things taste rather than making them look perfect. But I have been TRYING to work on decorations. It is SO hard not to compare yourself to others when scrolling through Instagram. For one, I have no idea how those treats taste, could be amazing, could be terrible. For twos (new word?), I have a 1 year old baby and the time I can commit to one single cookie is about .025 seconds if I am being honest. But I have tried my best to take time during his naps and staying up a little later to get my practice in.

When I first started this journey I was approached by someone at my work who was curious if I could do some cookies for their sister’s wedding. I honestly was not too confident because I had never made royal icing in my life so I said I would give it a try and get back to them. Well… the first time wasn’t too bad. I got the consistency right and flooded fairly easy but when I woke up there were a bunch of discolored wet spots on them. I ended up telling my coworker I couldn’t do it because it was just too much pressure and I wasn’t confident enough in just basic flooding let alone piping words or more intricate designs.

I had no idea about consistency and this was probably too thick.

I continued to practice just for fun randomly and by randomly I mean like two times. As you can see I figured out the consistency part! They look really shiny and even! But you can only eat and decorate so many sugar cookies before you want to just toss them out the window.

I was next asked to do a bridal party cookie, where the bride asks her bridesmaids to be in her party. She just wanted hearts with their names on it. Which sounded easy enough but I was up until all hours of the night trying to complete this. The flooding was so intense because the cookie was so big and the consistency of the detail frosting was too loose. I was not thrilled with the look of these but they tasted delicious.

I basically told myself that I would not take anymore orders because I was not where I wanted to be in terms of presentation/decoration. I created a lot of stress for myself for no reason. So I baked off the sugar cookie game and went back to baking things that made me feel happy like delicious cakes and brownies and breads. I finally decided I would try them out again to see if a mental reset would be helpful. And here are some of the creations I made while I was in a low-stress, low-expectation frame of mind. It was much more pleasant of an experience.

I still stand by the fact that these take WAY too much time. If I had to create some sort of masterpiece for someone again I would have to charge almost $5 a cookie or else it really isn’t worth anyone’s time. To those sugar cookie people out there who have found the ways to perfection I commend you and maybe someday I will get to 1/10 of your skill but for now I am going to make a messy cherry dump cake and call it a day.

If anyone has an awesome person they learned from on YouTube or have a great recipe let me know in the comments or via email at!

Love, Tasman

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