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That is me with our new hand-me-down jogger from our kind neighbor. And yes, that is how truly excited I am about this jogger! We bought one off Facebook Marketplace for $50 but I didn’t realize how absolutely vital the swivel wheel in the front is. We used it once and it has been sitting in our backyard collecting cobwebs, I need to post it for free on some platforms this weekend. But when our neighbor asked if we would use this one, I was SO EXCITED. She has seen us running with our regular stroller almost every other day so she thought of us and offered. Yes, we have been mobbing it with our regular stroller on our runs. The stroller sometimes sounds like it might break in half but we were rolling (stroller pun hahah) with it. But now our lives are forever changed, it literally feels like we are floating with this BOB, thank you!!!

I think one thing that has been really eye-opening throughout parenthood is the community. From friends who have gone through the process to strangers on Facebook Groups, we have been really lucky with our experience with Kade. Our parents have been very helpful with buying formula randomly or a pack of diapers, new socks or just a cute outfit or toy randomly. They have been really generous with their time as well, which is the best of all, being able to see Kade hang with them so much is fun (and helpful).

Family, friends and coworkers who have given us second-hand stuff has been beyond helpful. From a crib to a Joovy to clothes to diapers to books and toys, the list goes on! I couldn’t imagine having to buy it all on our own and not to mention how wasteful it all can get. Kade sometimes wears some onesies like 2 times and we are moving on. So I am extremely grateful for all of the help we have received so far!

Facebook Groups have been cool! I have only used them a handful of times but I see the awesomeness everyday on my feed. The OC Mommies group has people posting everyday with clothes they are giving away, toys their kids have outgrown and even diapers! Buy Nothing HB has had a lot of baby, toddler and kid stuff as well which is helpful. We almost snagged a free jogger about a month ago but just missed it.

I just wanted to thank everyone who has gifted us or second-handed us stuff for Kade. We are truly so thankful and appreciative of everything and hope to be able to give back to our friends as we grow out of things too!

Love, Tasman

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