Kade’s First Year Wellness Visit

Today was Kade’s first year wellness visit with the pediatrician. The past few visits have been uneventful and all of the nurses and doctors just love Kade. Today was a different story…. As you can tell from the picture I couldn’t even get him dressed before leaving.

It all started in the elevator. When I texted Kyle that he lost it in the elevator he said, “at least you are on your way home!”, to which I replied, “no, going UP to the doctors…”. I am not sure why he started crying but it took me a good ten minutes to get him to calm down. Which is out of character for him… Thankfully there was no one in the waiting room!

After I finally got him to calm down they called us back and he lost it again. They had to test his sight and there were a lot of lights and people trying to get his attention, system overload.

Next, we go into the room where they take his weight, height, oxygen levels and temperature. I had to get him undressed so he went nuts yet again. He was kicking and screaming the whole time. And previously with this nurse he was such a sweetheart, just staring at her Halloween nails and smiling at her… Not this time.

Finally I got him to calm down a bit and we were off to the exam room where she had to prick his finger for iron and anemia tests. He was inconsolable after that. Now we are waiting for the doctor to come in and he is SO blotchy and upset. At this point it has been about 20 minutes of crying and screaming. I was SWEATING.

The doctor comes in and he loses it for about the 8th time. We had to talk so loud to hear each other over his crying. I felt like a failure of a parent because I could NOT get him to calm down. Pacifier, dropped it on the floor like 10 times. Cat ball, threw it behind the exam table. Other ball, under the chair. Phone, dropped on the floor. It was TORTUROUS.

And yet again I got him to calm down once the doctor left but we had to wait for the nurse to come back to administer the shots. Four shots, poor guy was in a state I have never seen before.

I ended up leaving the office as quickly as possible with him half dressed in a onesie, he is blotchy as hell and the stroller looks like a disaster. The poor office worker was like, “let’s schedule your next appointment!”, I am thinking to myself… Lady, I need to get out of here as fast as possible. Literally any day and any time works, anything just get me out of here. Once I got outside he was back to his old self. Maybe he knows? I have no idea. But dear lord, that was the LONGEST 40 minutes of my life.

Cheers to having some wine tonight!

Love, Tasman

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