100-ish Days Of Blogging

Today marks what would have been my 100th day of blogging. That is if I actually blogged everyday, which was my goal for a full year. Right now I have blogged 76 out of 100 days since starting!

It was a lofty goal and I think it is helping me blog more than I would if I didn’t set the goal. But I will say it has put a lot more pressure on the whole experience, all of which is self-inflicted. Creating that much content is extremely hard and some days I just do not have the energy or the ideas. And then other days I will crank out three posts in one sitting.

I have been trying to have a good mixture of personal, travel, DIY, baking and baby but that isn’t working out too well. For starters, creating recipes takes time, which I don’t have a ton of taking care of a one year old. Once I test them I can’t take pictures of half eaten things or at night when I have the time to actually bake. So end up having to schedule another night to make it again. And then at this point my family has already eaten a whole slab of pecan shortbread bars and now I am going to make another one… It gets complicated and tiring and fattening hahah

For travel… well there isn’t any of that going on so those posts have come from the archives! And DIY is just slow because I again have no time. I will be starting to post about my crafts with the Cricut soon but I also know that not everyone has access to a super machine like that so it becomes a bit unrealistic for people.

For the personal stuff sometimes I feel like all I do is complain hahah Which is fine I suppose, this is my space and I can use it to vent if I want. But I promise I love my life with Kyle and Kade, we are 100% enjoying ourselves and cherish everyday.

I made a collective $1.87 over the past 3 months of blogging, #winning. September I blogged everyday and had over 1,200 views which is super cool! I have learned a lot about Pinterest, WordPress, Tailwind, Later, Canva and much more. I spent about 2 weeks trying to figure out a menu feature on WordPress and finally got it and I almost jumped for joy. Such a small victory but also super big for a newbie! Everything nowadays costs money so it has been kind of a challenge to do this as cheaply as possible with free trials and whatnot. And everyone on the internet claims they know EXACTLY what works and then try to sell you a $1000 course, uh no I am good.

I will continue on this journey and hope to find new ways to challenge myself. I have met quite a few people through social media and Tailwind that have been really helpful on tips and tricks of the process and I really appreciate how they are willing to help and answer questions!

Thanks for reading everyone!

Love, Tasman

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