My Brother’s Music Drop

My brother’s name is Tiernan and he is AWESOME! We are three-is years apart and have grown up sharing a room, playing in the waves and going to concerts together. He has always been into music, I remember my mom took him to see Motley Crue when he was like 10 and there was a boob cam hahahah gets me every time.

Over the years he has explored and learned with music in a bunch of ways. Our high school has a really extensive music program called Academy of the Performing Arts (APA) that Tiernan was a part of all four years. Throughout high school he played the guitar and was into various types of music.

He has been in hard core bands, more mellow surf-vibe bands, rapped and more! I have loved going to his shows over the years and hope to be able to see him on a stage again in the future.

He is so talented both musically and on the backend of things with producing and mixing (not sure if these terms are super correct but this is what I hear when he talks haha) He spends a lot of time with headphones on listening to the same beats over and over to make them more than PERFECT…I am watching you Tiernan.

I am SO proud of him for coming this far. He is a perfectionist and has had a rough time getting things out there, which I totally understand but we (his whole family) think he is the most talented and genuine person and just want his stuff out there! Anytime he is over at the house I am always pestering him… When are you dropping something? When is a new song coming out? How much longer? Post more videos!!! We want to hear more!!!

AND HERE WE ARE!!! His most recent venture has produced a music video and a release on various platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. You can check out the video embedded above and I will add the links to purchase his single below!


Apple Music:


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Produced by Wizzo


Love, Tasman

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