Kade Turns ONE!

This past weekend we celebrated Kade turning one! We had a small gathering at the park Kade loves with both of our immediate families. It was AWESOME!

My parents bought everyone In-N-Out and I made a lemon cake and cupcakes. We spent about an hour enjoying each other’s company and seeing Kade have the best time ever!

This was the first time that both of our families have been together in one spot since March, so it was a big deal for Kade. When my parents arrived he was so excited to see them. We normally are at the park alone so I know he probably was just like, WHATTTT my family is here?!?! And then Kyle’s family showed up and it took him a few minutes to process that everyone was there and then ran around visiting everyone and was just giddy. It was a really great feeling seeing him so happy. With everything going on we wanted everyone to just be there for him and he loved it. And I am so thankful that our families quarantined and made this possible.

I made him his own smash cake and he really didn’t do much to it… It cracks me up because if I put a strawberry on his tray he will squeeze it to a fine pulp but he kind of just lightly took off a few dollops of frosting. Once we smashed up a bit for him to eat he was very excited and enjoyed a lot of cake.

One thing I do not like for myself is opening presents. I asked everyone if they wanted us to open them all with them there and it was an overwhelming, YESSS! And now I understand why, he was literally laughing and tearing apart paper and genuinely interested in all of his gifts.

I am so thankful we were able to make it happen with our families for his first birthday. I appreciate everyone taking the time on their Sunday to come spend time with us and bring Kade gifts and their love. It was the first of many birthdays and it was a success!

Love, Tasman

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