Kade’s 1st Year At A Glance!

WOW! Kyle and I have a one year old! Oh how the time flies, except when it doesn’t. Our neighbor asked us if it went by fast and I kind of had to think about it for a second. I looked at Kyle and I said, “yes and no?” Obviously this year with the pandemic has been an exception but I still think the whole parenting thing is pretty much the same for a baby. There were some weeks where I didn’t even know where they went. And then some days, hours or minutes that seemed to go as slow as possible. Which can be a beautiful thing or also an exhausting thing.

For one, the moments where I am laying with Kade and I am just staring at his cute button nose could last forever and I would be fine with it. On the other hand, those moments where he is losing it at the doctors or having a rough night teething seem to last forever and are painful for Kade, Kyle and I.

This year has been one of the best and also the hardest of my life. I think Kyle would agree. Kade has been an amazing addition to our lives and we are stronger and more loving thanks to him. Kade has taught me a lot about slowing down and finding excitement in the tiny things like… a shell or piece of dried poop. He also has me on the highest alert I have ever been in in my entire life, making sure he doesn’t put said dried poop in his mouth or falling face first into the concrete. It is a crazy mixture of really high highs and some low lows. And I am sure that will continue on for as many years as we are both here on earth. I will continue to worry about him and he will push the boundaries, explore and become more himself everyday.

So in his first year he did a lot of baby stuff, as to be expected! I really tried to not stress out about the milestones. I know myself and didn’t want to be putting unwarranted pressure on myself, Kyle or Kade about these things that are totally necessary but don’t need to be met on EXACTLY the 6 month day, which is where I would go if I were to be myself.

He learned… to make lots of noises, roll back and front, to crawl if for only like 3 weeks before he learned to walk! He learned to pull himself up on all sorts of scary objects and that falling hurts, oops. He learned to give kisses, eat solid foods, point and DANCE! I am probably missing so much because it literally is something new everyday but these are a few!

Some things he has loved this year: PLANES (or anything flying for that matter), the pool, chasing the dogs, Super Simple Songs, blueberry pancakes, family, the beach, going on walks, putting everything in his mouth and napping with mom and dad.

I can’t wait to see his personality grow as the next year progresses. We love him so much!

Love, Tasman

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