So I have been talking about the Cricut for a few months now. We are trying to save for a house so I never pressed to get one since they can be upwards of $400. But my family all came together and got me one for my birthday!!!

On Saturday I was talking to Kyle about how I wanted to go to Michael’s to get my craft juices going. We were en route to his parent’s house to drop in and say hi and he said, “Your birthday present came today and I kind of want you to open it”. I was curious about what it was because he had been talking about it for a few days since ordering it so I went along with it and said yes to opening it a month early.

I was shook!!!! My parents, Kyle’s family and Kyle all came together to get me the Cricut Maker and I am beyond thankful and excited!

While I was opening it all later that night I got very overwhelmed because basically you can do anything with this contraption. The possibilities are endless and I didn’t and still don’t know where to even start!

Kade’s 1st birthday is next week so I am going to create a little banner for his high chair and some airplane cupcake toppers. That is where I am starting and I have NO idea where it will go! I hope to post more about the learning curve, which seems like a HUGE learning curve, and all of the fun crafts I make along the way.

Thank you to my amazing family for banding together to make my crafting dreams come true, I love you all!

Love, Tasman

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