Fun Beach Day

After my really hard day with anxiety over COVID I made it a point to have a good day. I decided to take Kade down to the beach! I haven’t been down there a lot in the past 3 weeks because it has been cold but I said fuck it, no one will be there, we are going.

AND we had a great time! I think we saw one person the whole time and they were wearing a mask!!! Our stuff was surrounded by birds the whole time because Kade had a snack and they were trying to get the crumbs. He had a great time chasing away the one seagull who wouldn’t give it up, it was cracking me up. Kade had so much fun running on the wet sand, playing with his toys and chasing the birds. I will be going again this week in the hopes of having another activity for Kade to enjoy and for me to be stress-free in.

And, how much sand can one person actually ingest? It is A LOT.

Happy exploring, Tasman

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