Teething Baby Kade

Oh the joys of parenthood. I have to say Kade has been a pretty good baby… Outside of the normal stuff like not sleeping through the night and hating getting wiped down, Kade really has been so much fun! You sometimes hear of babies who have colic or need to be driven around to fall asleep, I send my thoughts to you parents!

Well Thursday was our first day of days. He woke up in an okay mood, nothing out of the ordinary. We had breakfast but he didn’t eat a whole lot compared to normal but I try to not stress about stuff like that because he is a little human and has different needs at different times. We went about our day and while we were at the park he didn’t really seem interested in doing any of his normal activities. Then all of a sudden he started screaming, I thought he got bit or stung by something, that is how fast and intense it was. I ripped off his jacket and shoes and saw nothing. I finally got him to calm down and decided to walk back home. He whimpered the whole way back, poor guy.

When I got back home I took him right up for his nap and he fell asleep very quickly. 20 minutes later he woke up screaming again but this time he felt like he was burning up. I quickly took his temp and it read 97.9 and I was like there is no way… So I tried again and it said 102.9, WHAT THE F++K?? Kyle and I tried about 8 more times and got so many different reads it was driving us insane. After about an hour of on and off fits we decided to call the doctor and get him checked out.

They got him in an hour later and he was totally fine except he has 4 teeth coming in all at once. Kyle said the doctor looked him over head to toe to make sure nothing was glaringly wrong like a “hair wrapped around his ball sack” hahahaha I died. As soon as she saw his mouth she was like ohhh yeah that is what it is. Poor guy!!!

She sent us on our way with an ibuprofen and Tylenol chart for the night and said if anything changes to bring him back in!

He had a pretty okay night considering… We gave him medicine and he slept a lot actually. Probably because he was exhausted from such a rough day!

After posting on my instagram about the whole debacle I asked for teething advice and here are some of the suggestions:

  • freezable pacifier (haven’t ordered yet)
  • cold/frozen washcloth to chew on (hard for them to hold because it is so cold)
  • raw celery & carrot sticks (was too scared to try!!)
  • warm bath (seemed to calm him)
  • cold metal spoons (loves this regularly so not sure if it helped necessarily)
  • snuggles (lots, more than normal)
  • topical treatments like Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets or Punkin Butt (natural relief so you might feel more comfortable giving multiple times a day)
  • Tylenol & Motrin (helped A LOT)
  • frozen fruit or popsicles (we use these and they work amazingly! I fill ours with banana or applesauce)

Hope this helps another teething family!

Love, Tasman

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