Getting Booed & Booing!

I had heard of this fun exchange before but had never been booed. But this year our friends (one of which was 9+ months pregnant) booed us with a cute little pumpkin bucket filled with goodies and a 6-pack of beer. They put the goods on the front door, rang the door bell and fled! Thank you Beca & Sorin!!

I was more than happy to give back so I made some sugar cookies and we went on our adventure! The first house we went to boo has a huge window facing the front door where they hang out. So I scampered up and laid out the goods and as I was running away they caught me, but I kept running anyways hahah The second house was Kyle and he got away unnoticed. But we received texts minutes later thanking us for the goods.

Give it a try!!! Make sure to practice social distancing and wipe down all your treats once you receive them! But have fun making someones day!!

Love, Tasman

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