Proud Of Myself – Fruit Tart

There are not a whole lot of instances where I say out loud that I am proud of my baking. I am ultra-hard on myself and am always comparing myself to pictures on Instagram.

I know my stuff tastes good, I have that down for the most part. But I struggle with making it look really pretty. I used to not care a whole lot because it tasted so good that I was like fuck it, it probably tastes better than theirs anyways. But as time has gone on and I am making the same things over and over I figured the next best way to push myself would be to focus on my decorating and presentation skills.

I have never made a tart before because I never had a tart tin. So last week I bought a tart tin and am hoping this helps me push myself with new bakes.

I started with a standard fruit tart. I used Preppy Kitchen’s recipe and it came out beautifully! Better than I expected and I am totally excited to try other flavor combos and decorating skills.

I am still ultra critical of myself so some things that I would like to work on… Rolling out the crust thinner, I love the crust but when your piece goes flying off the plate after cutting into it, that is a problem. I would also try to have more patience with the pastry cream. I was trying to do 7 things at once so the milk formed a little browning on the bottom which ended up in the cream. It tasted amazing still but those are just the little things that I need to try and focus on. Note to self, cream is not a thing you can walk away from.

My family really enjoyed this treat and I am very proud of myself for taking the time to do all of the components without getting frustrated or rushing through it. I think this is probably one of my favorite desserts I have ever made from a visual point of view. So a win in the books for me!

Hope you had an awesome weekend!

Love, Tasman

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