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I have severe buyers anxiety… I have had some Lululemon gift cards from Kyle’s parents since my last birthday (December 2019) that I still have not used. I will go on their website and look around and see some things but just move on. And I even went into the store twice and could not decide! I think for me, it is that I want to make sure what I am getting is what I need/want. We don’t have a ton of money so that makes our purchases really meaningful and/or necessary.

Last week it was Amazon Prime Days and I was like, oh man I want to buy something. I never get that urge. So I took to the internet and decided to give a small, female-owned business my business. I could have easily bought some icing bags off amazon but I am trying my best to stay off that platform and shop smaller.

Insert – The Cookie Countess. I ordered some sugar cookie decorating supplies that I have been researching for… some time. I just started thinking about how much more enjoyable decorating is when you have the right supplies and set yourself up for success. And these supplies weren’t too outrageous but I wouldn’t suggest buying all of this for decorating just once a year.

I loved the experience with buying from them. The process of checkout was quick and easy. I received emails about the status of packaging, shipping and delivery. The packaging was SO cute and it felt like a gift!! There was really cute paper inside, paper confetti stuff and her sugar cookie recipe printed on a pretty card.

I purchased:

  • Stencil holder
  • 3-inch cookie cutter
  • 12-inch piping bags
  • 3 oz meringue powder sample
  • 2 oz Cookie Nips flavoring – vanilla/salted caramel

I was so impressed and genuinely excited about everything. I will 100% be buying from them again and will update when I have used the products to see how well they all work!

Love, Tasman

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