Easy Cake Decorations!

Yesterday was Kyle’s 32nd birthday!!! His first birthday being a dad! It was a gloriously long weekend (he took Monday off to celebrate) full of good company and lots of food.

On Friday we had my side of the family celebrate at our house with homemade tacos and butter cake. He opened gifts, had some beer and played Pictionary!

As you can see pictured above I added some fun homemade decorations to his cake. Anyone can do this, it was SO easy and pretty quick. All you have to do is find pictures of things that the birthday person loves… For Kyle it was: Batman, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Cherry Coke, Mario Brothers, Gameboy, Star Wars, Thrawn, Monster… I printed them on regular printer paper but if you are looking for more sturdy decorations I would use heavier paper. Next, I just cut the letters out from the pictures. And finally I taped the letters onto toothpicks and inserted them into the cake.

Monday was his actual birthday and we went to go watch the planes at John Wayne Airport because Kade is OBSESSED with planes right now. Kyle went to the dentist, such a fun birthday activity! #adulting And we finished the day off with dinner at his parents house. His dad makes insanely good fried chicken and his mom makes delicious fries, so it was a fried delight haha Had some chocolate bundt cake to complete the 4-day eating spree… But seriously that cake is SO good.

Look at Kade looking at him!!

Love you Kyle! I hope you enjoyed your weekend with family, you da best!

Love, Tasman

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