Dating + Proposal Anniversary

Fun little clip of him proposing! Excuse the poor GoPro quality!

I know you are thinking, didn’t they just have an anniversary? Yes, that was our wedding and this is the mother load, dating AND proposal.

Kyle is not a very good planner. He doesn’t plan elaborate dates or look up food spots for our vacations, that’s me. It isn’t a bad thing, because I love how carefree and go with the flow he is. We compliment each other nicely. So when he managed to pull off this proposal without me having the slightest clue, I was SHOOOOK.

Like I said in yesterday’s post we started dating October 17th, 2015. It was two days before Kyle’s birthday and we went to BJ’s. It was a grand time and we have been together ever since! Fast forward two years… It is 2017 and we had been to Hawaii, various Vegas trips, San Francisco, multiple camping trips, The Salton Sea and more local adventures than I can count.

I knew we were going to be together forever probably by our 3rd date. I wasn’t too sure when it would all happen but I was certain that we were meant to be! I had never envisioned myself having a husband or getting married so I was never the girl who looked at wedding dresses or rings and knew exactly what they wanted. I remember walking through South Coast Plaza with Kyle and just looking trough a window at some rings and he was like this or that? I love sparkly things so I indulged him, little did I know he was trying to figure out what kind of ring to buy.

October 17th came around and I knew we had dinner reservations at our favorite spot to celebrate, Nicks on 2nd. It was nothing out of the ordinary for our anniversary and I was VERY excited about some fried asparagus and butter cake.

I came home from work (to my parents house where I was living then) and my mom was home before me. I was like that is weird, but she made up some story about how dad needed her for a doctor’s appointment. And then she kept pestering me to go upstairs to see some cleaning my dad had done. I was like what the f**k, can I just relax for a second? But I just pranced up the stairs and walked into my room decorated with balloons, pictures of Kyle and I, flowers and Kyle! I was like WHATTTTT!!

He was sweating. #1 – it was actually like a 90 degree day and my room is in direct sun so it is a heat box. #2 – he couldn’t open the windows because the balloons kept getting tangled up and popping! Poor guy.

He explained how the pictures had a poem on the backs of them so I went through about 30 pictures all numbered and precious. Then there were some gifts on my bed as well as 2 dozen roses on my bedside table.

I walked over to the presents to put the single rose into the vase and he said, “I have a question for you”… “Will you marry me?” and got down on one knee with the ring.

I think I said “Are you f**king serious right now?” and then asked him if that was why he was so sweaty. But I said YES, of course!

And then we went to Nicks on 2nd and had a glorious meal to celebrate!

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