How Kyle & I Met!

In honor of five years together today I come to you with the long tale of how we met and eventually fell in love. Ohhhh yeah!!! This is a fun one to write! Who doesn’t love reminiscing on how they met the love of their life?

So this tale starts back in the year 2008. We elected the first black president, Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it, Michael Phelps won a record breaking eight gold medals and Uggs were in. I had just graduated from high school and started at the local community college, Orange Coast College.

I had THE best time OCC. I was close to home and friends from high school, I had fun classes and was a part of winning teams. I remember water polo season starting and scoping out all the guys on the team, Kyle being one of them. He was very muscular but skinny, and had golden wispy hair from the pool, swoon. If you see pictures of swimmers you know what I mean by this. He was also really good at water polo and a fast swimmer so that just made him even more attractive hahah

I remember one instance in particular I was walking to the computer lab to print an essay for my next class and Kyle came skating by and said, “Hi fast girl with long hair” and continued skating. I was like well hi but can we actually talk?

Fast forward to swim season and we still didn’t really get to know each other. He was a sprinter and I was in the distance/stroke groups. So basically he would swim for like an hour and I would just be finishing up with warm up… If you know, you know.

We went on to both win state championships with OCC and moved on with our own journeys. Kyle went to play at University of La Verne and I went to Long Beach State and started coaching. We lost touch for a while because we were just doing our things.

But every once in a while when him and his girlfriend were on one of their breaks we would go out for dessert or a movie, but nothing ever serious. I wanted it to be, but he was still trying to figure out his ex-girlfriend and I was not about to wait around for that to pan out. I remember one instance in particular… I was in Vegas for my best friend’s birthday and he was in Vegas for one day of EDC. He had seen on instagram that I was there so he asked to come say hi. I met him down in the lobby of The Cosmopolitan, where we were staying, and briefly said hi to him and his friend. I finished the conversation by saying, “Well if you hadn’t fucked up you could be having fun here with me.” He still talks about it to this day haha

As the years went on I got the head coaching job at Whittier. I needed a new Graduate Assistant and knew Kyle was coaching aquatics at Costa Mesa High School. I thought this would be a great opportunity for him to get some collegiate experience and get his masters and teaching credential for FREE. So I asked him to come for an interview and… he turned down the position. I was like well that sucks. He went on to explain that he had just been broken up with and was having a rough go. He asked if I wanted to go out sometime and at the time I was seeing a firefighter , so I smugly declined.

And then like a month later I was a single lady, I texted him to see how he was doing and he asked me on a date. I fell in love with him shortly after. And here we are 5 years later… lots of adventures, a proposal, a wedding, a baby and lots of love.

First picture together as a couple at our best friend’s wedding!

I love you Kyle! I can’t wait for our endless years of love together.

Love, Tasman

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