Vlog 3 – Park Adventures!

Happy Friday everyone!

I took a few days off from vlogging and blogging last week. I watched the Social Dilemma with my family and got totally freaked out!

The movie is really eye-opening, the users are actually their product. I never thought of it this way. And I think everyone is different when it comes to how much they are on their phones and how much they let it affect them. So I have been trying to leave my phone at home when I go out front to play with Kade or when Kyle and I are hanging at night, just being very aware of how I am spending time with the ones I love!

I will continue to use social media and continue documenting my life through these platforms because I believe that for me it has created a space for connection. I love being able to see old friends who are getting promotions, married or having kids, I also love seeing other people dealing with some of the same problems I deal with like anxiety or perfectionism.

I think it is a double-edged sword. For one, it definitely makes you feel a certain way about your body or life. When you see fitness models or people who look like they have it all (house, cars, boats, etc.) it can make you feel like you are WAY behind. But you seriously have NO idea what is going on behind it all. But secondly, it also creates a space and opportunity for people to feel less alone. In going through breastfeeding troubles I really felt like everyone but me breastfed and I felt like a shit mom. Then I started finding other women who were experiencing the same thing as me and I felt less alone. I almost felt MORE empowered to be like here, here is my story, it sucks but this is what works for me and I am an awesome mom and so are you.

Sorry that took a turn into the depths. The main point of that all is that I will continue to take pictures, share my story and post about my family in the realest way I can, in the hopes that it will speak to someone out there and make them feel good about themselves and less alone.

Love, Tasman

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