Boneyard Cupcakes

I have been enjoying finding new ways to decorate cupcakes, which is strange for me. I usually would rather just focus on substance but I am having success with decorating which I hadn’t in the past, which made it really frustrating.

I honestly think it comes down to having the right tools. I used to frost cupcakes with a knife or a ziplock bag with a hole cut off the corner. You can totally make it work with those options but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, a more clean finish. So I have been slowly accumulating supplies and tools to help the decorating process be more fun and easy!

I had an idea for some halloween cupcakes that involved some of the same processes I used for my last cupcakes, the bats, spiderwebs and spiders. I used the leftover Oreos and some melting chocolate to achieve these boneyard cupcakes.

I used Paula Dean’s Mama’s Pound Cake recipe for the cupcakes. It kind of worked but probably won’t try again. For the chocolate buttercream I followed Sally’s Baking Addiction’s recipe and it was delicious and easy to make.

I used a piping bag with a large circle tip to frost these, both from Wilton Cakes. I blitzed the Oreos in the food processor to make the dirt and put the crumbs in a shallow bowl. I put the cupcake upside down into the Oreo crumbs to coat the whole top of the cupcake.

Next, I worked on the bones. I used Ghirardelli’s white chocolate melting candies. I tried multiple times to melt just white chocolate chips because I had those on hand but failed every time. I rolled out a piece of parchment paper, put the melted chocolate in a baggie and just went for it. You can print some pictures of small bones to put under the paper so you can trace them if that helps you! And I let those harden for awhile. I took the bones off the paper and got to placement!

These came out better than expected and I hope to continue to think if fun easy ways to decorate small cakes!

Love, Tasman

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