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My Nana got me a baking book from who knows where for my birthday a few years back. As you can tell from the picture it is an old baking book. When you open the front cover the publishing date says 1933! It is kind of sexist in terms of talking about a woman’s place in the kitchen but the pictures are super fun!

So when I first got this book I was excited because it had a ton of recipes that I had never heard of. I have been looking through it for about… 3 years and finally just got around to making my first bake. I chose something that was a little different just to get my feet wet, spiced cake with coffee frosting. As I wrote in my post about the pumpkin cakes, it was an epic fail (to my taste buds at least). The cake was dry as all hell and the frosting separated because there was too much moisture from the coffee.

As I got to thinking about it… This book was written in 1933. What was happening in 1933? So I looked it up because I basically remember nothing from US History (even though I took AP, sorry mom and dad). I do remember a lot but not a good timeline, if that makes sense?

1933 was the worst year of the Great Depression… The Dust Bowl was starting… Prohibition ended (yay!)… And Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Kinda sounds like how 2020 is going so far. But I was like, oh that might explain why they only used 3 tablespoons of butter in a regular sized cake… Whereas now I would probably put in a full stick or a good amount of vegetable oil to make it less sand-like and more moist-like.

Since trying the failed spice cake and coffee frosting I have reframed my mindset of this book. I think I am going to look at the recipes, find which ones I think could work with different or more ingredients and try to make them… tasty? I think the book will now be more of a place to get ideas rather than follow the recipes step-by-step.

Stay tuned for some revamped recipes from 1933! I think my next try is going to be a cake roll? They make them quite frequently on Great British Baking Show but I feel like they are not very popular here in The States. Also, if you have never watched The Great British Baking Show, stop what you are doing and turn it on now. You will thank me after you have binged yourself into next week watching nice humans baking their dreams come true.

Love, Tasman

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