Wedding Album – Artifact Uprising

If you put anything on your registry have it be a wedding album! I believe a lot of companies offer this service but when we registered on Zola, Artifact Uprising was the option that was available.

I think this day in age having an actual physical copy of pictures is not common. Everything is electronic. Which is gloriously easy and functional but when it comes to just sitting on the couch and having a family member flip through the book, it really is something that is lost nowadays.

Not going to lie, it took me more than two years to actually order this thing but it is done and I LOVE IT! I had a hard time choosing which pictures to add because I want them all, but the process on their website was very simple and user-friendly. You upload the pictures, choose the pre-made layouts and drag and drop the pictures into open slots.

Once we have our own space this will definitely be out on display so we can just pick it up and reminisce on our wonderful day.

Hope this inspires someone to add one to their registry!

Love, Tasman

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