MiniMeis – Shoulder Carrier Review

Kade is getting bigger and the Baby Bjorn front pack is just not working for us anymore. We go on a lot of walks and don’t want to have to lug the stroller around all the time so I went in search of a new carrier that would grow with him.

Insert – MiniMeis. I actually saw an ad for it on my instagram after talking about carriers with Kyle… they are listening to us. It looked similar to the backpacks I had searched for except it was higher up. If you look at the picture your kid is essentially on your shoulders but supported and strapped in for safety. I thought this was the COOLEST thing ever.

Time Magazine would agree since it named this product Invention of the year in 2019! These folks from Norway created this ingenious pack that allows your kid to sit on your shoulders and frees up your hands without fear of them falling. They get the best view on all of your adventures and your back isn’t broken in half by the end of it all. The pack can accommodate your kid from 6 months to as big as 5 years old! That is great to hear coming from parents who don’t want to keep buying different products every few months to grow with their littles.

I had their ad saved on my phone for about 4 weeks just getting the courage to actually purchase it. And I am so happy we did! The pack costs $149.99 so it was a bit expensive but I just looked at it as an investment for the next 4 years. The first time Kade went in he was NOT having it. I think it was partially because he was hungry and also because it was something new. But since that first time he has LOVED it. He is waving at everything, playing with Kyle’s ears and enjoying the views from 7 feet up.

My mom and dad were a little less thrilled. They were a nervous wreck seeing him propped up that high with just three straps on but we made sure to read the directions and we feel confident he is secure and safe.

Would recommend this product to any parent who loves hiking, going on lots of walks and adventuring. It is compact and easy to travel with and provides a safe but fun experience for your little humans!

Hope this helps some adventuring people out there! And thanks to the geniuses at MiniMeis for creating such an awesome product!

Love, Tasman

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