Halloween Cupcakes

Spooky season is upon us and I feel like since we are all stuck inside the festivities are starting earlier than ever. Which I am totally okay with!

My family has always been into Halloween. My Nana’s birthday is the day before so it was always a celebration of family being together and getting into the holiday spirit. I remember being a kid and having my whole family over to our house to go trick-or-treating. My uncle was SO intense about dressing up… I was literally terrified of him when I was little. And another really funny thing I remember is the neighborhood next to us had a gentleman who worked for Wonder Bread and he would hand out miniature loaves of bread and I would get SO EXCITED.

I am all about having an excuse to have people over and cook/bake. Sad that this year we won’t be able to celebrate with friends and family how we normally would but that isn’t stopping me from baking and sharing it with the interweb!

My baking philosophy… It has to taste 100000x better than it looks. I have never been too into decorating cookies or cakes because I would rather focus on the contents than the appearance. But I am also all about pushing myself and finding ways that aren’t too hard to make treats look good and fun! So I took to Pinterest to find some fun ways to make chocolate cupcakes spooky.

There were a TON of ides on there, some seemed WAY too complex while others didn’t really scream to me (halloween pun haha). I want to decorate treats with things that people actually want to eat. So covering a cupcake in pretzels didn’t seem realistic. I love salty and sweet but I don’t want to bite into a cupcake and break a tooth on a piece of skeleton pretzel. So I tried to recreate some ideas with Oreos that still taste delicious but also add some spooky fun.

Make a batch of Liv for Cake’s Classic Chocolate Cake, you won’t be disappointed. They are so easy and are done in about 30 minutes. Allow them to cool completely before trying to decorate or else you will have a melted mess on your hands. While cooling you can whip up a classic buttercream or do what I did and go with a marshmallow buttercream which is the perfect compliment to the chocolate cupcake. I used a pastry bag to pip onto the cupcakes but you can easily use a plastic bag with a hole cut into the corner or just go old school and use a knife!

Next you will need some Oreos, chocolate (bar or chocolate chips work equally as good) and google eyes (I bought ours at Albertson’s in the Halloween section for 4.99).

I started by melting the chocolate in the microwave for 1 minute, stirred a bit and continued on in intervals of 30 seconds until it was melted. I would recommend stirring a lot, this will help the chocolate to just get melted and not like a soup. Next I transferred the chocolate into a plastic baggie and snipped a little hole in the corner.

The first one I tried was a spider. I pushed the Oreo flat side down onto the top of the cupcake. Added 4 legs on each side starting from the Oreo and going down towards the top of the cake. Then I added two little drops of chocolate to the backside of the google eyes and added to the top of the Oreo. DONE!

Next I tried a bat. This one is too cute but a bit more work! I started with a full Oreo, this is the body. Next I prepped the wings, I took a second Oreo and took the sandwich apart. With one of the halves I tried my best to break it evenly in half. I used some frosting from the cupcake to glue the two halves onto the back of the full Oreo. Like the spiders, I added two little drops of chocolate for the google eyes. And finally I added little ears but you can skip this if it becomes to labor intensive, they look like bats without them too! But I took the other half of the second Oreo and tried to break tiny little triangles to add to the top of the bat for little ears. This was hard and they didn’t come out perfect but they are adorable.

Third option was plain old chocolate. I used the baggie with the melted chocolate and some parchment paper to draw on some spider webs. I didn’t use a stencil but you can print some small spider webs, place the parchment paper over the printable and trace them if you want to get technical! After I drew them out I put them in the freezer for 30 minutes to let them harden. I carefully peeled them off and added them to the tops of the cupcakes.

I hope these three easy decorations will inspire you to create some spooky treats this Halloween season!

Love, Tasman

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    1. I have never tried vegan marshmallows. I would try melting them down with some of the butter in the recipe, like you would for rice krispies and then letting that cool. Then follow the recipe! Hopefully it works!!

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