Dad’s 58th Birthday Celebration!

We love birthdays and always take the opportunity to have the family together. We usually have homemade tacos because that is a fam favorite but my parents decided they wanted to try this local Hawaiian place. Our fam usually sticks with what we know. We don’t go out often and don’t have a lot to spend so we like to go for what we know will be good.

My mom has been going to physical therapy for her shoulder, she got rotator cuff surgery, and her physical therapist is a foodie. So they talk a lot about local spots that they love. The other day he was like, “hey Jen! Jason Mamoa was at Da Hawaiian Kitchen on Monday” So… that might be a testiment to how bomb this place is. My dad LOVES L&L Hawaiian Barbecue so this place is along the same lines… Chicken, spamasubi, macaroni salad, rice, etc.

Da Hawaiian Kitchen is off Brookhurst and Adams in the strip mall in the same parking lot as Target. It has been there forever and we have never tried it. They ordered two 20-piece chicken packs, white rice, fried rice, macaroni/potato salad and spamasubi. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. Holy moly. I couldn’t eat there all the time because the chicken is fried to another level but it was so freaking good. The sauce is salty and it is SO crispy.

And for dessert, Tatum (my little sister), and I made a chocolate bundt cake covered in chocolate ganache. SO YUM! Recipe from Two Peas And Their Pod.

We had a glorious evening filled with love and celebrating my dad’s 58 years! Love you dad!!

Love, Tasman

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