Our Wedding

Oh September 28th 2018, the day Kyle and I got married! What a glorious day! I wanted to do a post on some of the details of our day. We had so much support throughout the planning and execution of our big day, we are so thankful for everything! 10/10 would get married again.


We got our flowers from Sam’s Club! While looking at getting flowers done we decided that everything was out of our price range. We wanted to spend more money on other things so we took on the task of creating our own centerpieces. As you can see they are rectangular wooden boxes that were cut, stained and put together by my dad. We bought flower foam from Amazon. We bought hydrangeas, greenery and white spider mums from Sam’s Club. They were delivered two days before we were married.

Guest Gifts

We decided on two things our guests could go home with. The first was a koozie that we used for our seating chart. They had a space for people’s names and we used a HUGE frame to hang them on. Second, was very popular, my dad handmade little pots for small succulents and cacti. They came out perfectly and our friends and family all STILL text us and let us know how their plants are thriving. You can see them placed throughout the table!


This was an interesting one actually. I feel like most brides set up an appointment at a bridal boutique and have all of their family and bridal party there. I kind of just went on a whim with my mom, sister and friend, Marilyn. If I knew I would have gotten a dress I would have taken a shower and done my hair and make up… And had my Nana there! I had NO intention of getting a dress, I just wanted to see what was out there. Honestly, I had been looking on Amazon and Lulu’s for dresses under $100. So, I had some ideas on what I wanted and didn’t want in a dress. And I will tell you I did not want strapless and I left and got married in a strapless dress hahah So nothing about that experience was what I thought it would be.


Mmmm so handsome

We wanted to help our bridal party not have to spend a ton of money so we landed on Hollywood Suits. We were able to get 3-piece suits, they were able to keep for around $100!

Bridal Party

For our bridal party we wanted to make it as easy as possible. We have been part of weddings and had to spend a lot of money on a suit that you might only wear once. For the ladies we chose a dress of Lulu’s that was around $40 and they could choose their shoes! The gents bought their suits from Hollywood Suits and cost about $100. For their shoes we just asked that they be brown.


We didn’t have a wedding planner so having a good DJ who could bring good energy and run the flow of the night was really important to us. We used a company called Vox Dj’s and we chose an awesome DJ, Brandon! He did such a great job and we danced all night!

Pictures & Video

I LOVE taking pictures and videos. This was a big deal for me, but I also wanted to have both pictures and video so we went with a middle of the road option in terms of style so we could afford it. The company we used was called FunLovingCamera. They had straightforward communication, were on time, had good energy and got really good shots throughout the night. I love the videos we have. We can always look back on this day and have footage of our vows, family and friends dancing, and our big day as a whole.


We decided to have our favorite place to eat cater our wedding, In-N-Out. Here in California this is a STAPLE. We were so pleased with our experience with them. And super fortunate that they were available for our big day! I believe we spent about $2000 on the food truck for 150 burgers (any type of burger, single patty or double double). The only bummer was no fries! It was really sweet because we went under on our burgers and they just made them and brought them to us in a box to have for after or the next day!


We were restricted to beer and wine but that was fine, heyyyy a rhyme. We love us a margarita but we were totally okay with serving just beer and wine. We ended up getting all of our wine from trader Joe’s and that cost around $300 and we had a TON of bottles left over. I think we just finished using them up last month on making chili…. The beer and sodas came from Kyle’s parents who shopped at Costco.


We got married at The Newland Barn which is a city property. There is a “barn” and a historic home on the property (you can’t go in) but we loved the vibe and how close it was! We paid $900 to rent it from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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