Target – Car Seat Trade-in/Recycle Program

The other day I was wondering when we would need a bigger car seat for Kade. I am a first-time mom and there isn’t a handbook for all these random things you should think about. They just kind of spring up on you, like, “oh sh**, my baby is growing like a weed and needs a new car seat”. And then, “oh sh**, it is $300.”

This is all by pure coincidence, but I was looking on Target’s website to see what they had because they are usually our go-to place for those types of purchases. The first thing that popped up was a huge banner for their trade-in/recycle program. I had never heard of this or noticed it while walking Target. I looked it up on Wednesday and the trade-in was going on until that Saturday! I was like we gotta goooooo!!! So we took a family trip to Target yesterday and did the dang thing.

Basically, you can bring in your used car seat and drop it in a big bin they have set up by customer service. Then you scan a barcode on the box with your Circle App (Target’s shopping app) and it gets you 20% off another car seat, stroller or baby product purchase! And for a $300 purchase, that is a pretty good chunk of change we got off! It was a really easy process and would recommend it to any parents/guardians who are looking for a good way to get rid of their car seats.

You can read more on their website but it says they will recycle all old car seat parts with their partners, Waste Management. They started the program back in 2016 and have recycled nearly 1 million car seats, which is over 14.1 million tons of materials! The website doesn’t say when the next one is but other websites say they usually do it twice a year. It would be cool to have more marketing about it, I seriously just stumbled upon it and I happened to need a new one. It was perfect.

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