How We Are Living More Sustainably – Pt II

Hi friends! So the other day I wrote about how Kyle and I have made some changes in our bathroom to eliminate plastic. We switched to refillable shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste/mouthwash tablets and refillable floss.

I just wanted to go over a few other random ways we are trying our best to eliminate plastic and our overall waste.


A lot of people have switched over to refillable drinking vessels. I do not understand how plastic water bottles are even a thing anymore but alas one change at a time. We bought ours back in 2015 when we were on our first trip together up to Santa Cruz and STILL have them and use them daily. That is six years without plastic water bottles! We decided that we would buy stickers wherever we traveled and put them on the hydro! They have so many different sizes and colors and last forever! They can range from $25-50 depending on the size and any accessories you might want to add. #RefillForGood

Stasher Bags – Reusable sandwich bags

These are to replace plastic sandwich bags. These were a bit more expensive than I wanted them to be but they will pay for themselves at some point. We bought 5 of the sandwich bags because that was all that Bed, Bath & Beyond had when we went. They were $11.99 each so we spent over $60 on these, uh-oh. After looking at their website I can see they have a TON of different options that vary in size, color and purpose. They vary from $9 to bundles priced around $90. Some are flat and some have the ability to stand up. I like these bags but they have taken some getting used to. They kind of squish the things that are in them and need to be washed well between uses… But a small price to pay to reduce our waste!

Reusable Produce Bags

This one was getting me for a while. I would cringe taking the broccoli out of the plastic bag and throwing it away. We eat A LOT of veggies so we would have at least a dozen bags every week! Finally they started making reusable mesh produce bags! We started with a pack of 6 from Sprouts and finally ordered a huge pack of 15 from Amazon. With over 13,000 positive reviews and three sizes, these bags are a MUST. We use them every time we go to the store and love them! You just have to remember to bring them in!!

Bar Soap

Previously we were buying liquid body soaps and we switched to bar soaps to eliminate the plastic packaging. There are a lot of options from locally created soap that you can find at farmers markets to more mainstream companies like Dove. This switch was super easy and we can’t even tell the difference.

Cardboard Packaged Deodorant

This was my most recent switch. I bought this deodorant at Target for $12.99, and for me that is expensive for deodorant. I like the scent and the packaging but the stick is a bit harsh compared to my previous Dove stick. I have only used it once so maybe after a few uses it will get a bit more soft.

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