Leaving SoCal & Relocating

Kyle and I have been living at my parent’s house for the last 8 months trying to save up to buy a house. It has been extremely helpful considering 80% of our income was going towards rent before this. It blows my mind that we spent over $35,000 living in a 600 square foot apartment for two years. That is a down payment on a house! How do people even do it here in southern California?!?

So we have decided to relocate out of state! We are excited about a lot of stuff but also very sad about some other stuff.

For starters, we are always looking for a new adventure and this is one of the biggest that we will embark on together, outside of having a baby. We are excited about being in a place that will not be as financially stressful for us in terms of the cost of living. Of course money is, and probably always will be, a stressor in our lives just because that is life, but it hopefully won’t be overpowering our lives.

We are very sad to leave our families and friends. Most of our time is spent with the people that we love so saying goodbye to family hangs and game nights is going to be tough. We are sad that we won’t be able to raise our children where we grew up and show them all of the fun things we would do. For instance, I did Jr. Lifeguards my whole childhood and Kyle surfed, so not being close to the beach is going to be a different experience for us. I know there will be new adventures and memories to be made in our new home but there are some things that will be difficult to be without.

We are still waiting to decide where to relocate depending on Kyle’s work potentially going permanently remote. This would open up way more options for us and we are loving the work-from-home life. Some of the potential places right now are: Ohio, Colorado or Texas. I was dreaming of revamping a bus and just traveling the country for a few years while working from the computer… Might still be in the running. We should have a better idea by the end of the year what work will look like for the next year so I will update then!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Tasman

2 thoughts on “Leaving SoCal & Relocating

  1. So exciting! I absolutely love moving, it is a grand adventure!! But yeah, there are sad moments, too. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for. I can’t imagine what it costs to live in CA. When I moved to GA from MI, I was absolutely shocked by how much less the cost of living here was/is! Gasoline was a big one, and that’s always a consideration because we are always using it, right?!
    Keep us updates. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I am excited for sure! Especially to be able to decorate and keep our own space, a lot of work but rewarding. I think I have just gotten so used to gas prices here in CA that I never thought about that being a thing that goes down haha

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