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The other day I posted about a necklace I got from a female-owned small business. I am here today to bring you more female-owned awesomeness!! We took this opportunity to take some cute pictures on the beach with our little family to help promote her brand. Did we get some stares? Yes. Do I care? No.

Just a bit about LoTide… Co-founders of Lo Tide, Lauren Brown & Sonny Knaub, met while attending the University of California, Santa Cruz as undergrads over a decade ago. These two have fostered their love of adventures, exploring, and nature through lengthy road trips, hikes in the redwoods, and walks along West Cliff. Whether it is walking along Clement street in San Francisco or searching the beach at Rio del Mar for the perfect piece of driftwood, both Lauren and Sonny consistently noticed more waste along our inner city streets and along our beaches. They wanted to take action by increasing awareness of conservation while decreasing their personal ecological footprints.

With Lauren’s background in visual and graphic arts along with Sonny’s knowledge of marine biology, they are beyond eager to create a platform and brand that aims to raise awareness and bring about environmental conservation through eco friendly products and donations.

Keep The Sea Plastic Free

Part of their proceeds will be donated to various organizations based off the designs of the t-shirts…

Moss Landing Design: A portion of the proceeds from this design give back to the nonprofit organization Marine Life Studies. Marine Life Studies is committed to protecting and preserving the health of our oceans through education, research, and environmental stewardship programs. Visit marinelifestudies.org to learn more about their program and how you can get involved.

Bearded Seal: A portion of the proceeds from this design will give back to The Pinniped Sensory System and Cognition Lab and UC Santa Cruz’s Long Marine Laboratories. This research program was developed by Dr. Ronald J. Schusterman and found its home at Long Marine Lab in 1985. This program is currently headed by Dr. Colleen Reichmuth, specifically exploring sensory systems, cognitive, physiological, and behavioral ecology of marine mammals. To learn more about the program you can visit pinnipedlab.ucsc.edu, where you can also donate too.

Sea Otter Mandala: A portion of the proceeds from this design give back to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been studying southern sea otters, a threatened species, since 1984. They have programs to rescue, treat and release otters, but the most interesting aspect of their program is their exhibit otters are surrogate mothers to the small pups that are rescued! Visit montereybayaquarium.org to learn more!

Sonny is one of Kyle’s old swim friends who ended up going to UC Santa Cruz and stayed up in the beautiful tree land. We have gone up to visit a few times over the past five years we have been together and she is AWESOME!

We are super excited to see their brand grow and wish them all the success in the world. If you have a second go check out their website and if you feel inclined pick up a t-shirt with the cutest designs ever! Their website is linked here. And their instagram handle is: @_lotide

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